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AIM: dgrau311

Hello, my name is Dustin, and I am a geek ^_^

   Actually, I'm a May 2002 graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, GA. I'm a Bachelor of CS major with an affinity towards networking and system administration. I interned at a small company in Norcross as a consultant and one of several web developers, and as of graduation started working there full-time. My hobbies include working with computers, fish-keeping, model kits, collecting anime, partying, photography, and doing anything outdoors (mostly hiking and camping). I also love to play computer games, namely Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. In true geek fashion, I have made a many contributions to Slashdot (also here) and Freshmeat.

   Contrary to popular belief at SPSU, it is possible to find a good woman at a technical college. I found one that means everything to me, and you can see pics of us in the photo albulms. She's was one of the few females on living on campus who was also actively involved in activities on the local network. That's why I love her so much, cuz she's a closet geek. Although she'll never admit to it. As she puts it, she's every geek's wet dream: "she plays UT, she plays well, and she has breasts". And as of 11/15/2003, she is now my wife :)

If you can find me playing UT (or some other FPS games), I play as porn star Asia Carrera, under the name CyberBitch. You can get the Asia model from FilePlanet, or learn more about Asia at her "butkickin' homepage".

Resume and Other Experience

Resume (txt)
Resume (doc)

DJ at WGHR (local college radio station)
Chief Engineer of WGHR (Spring 2001)
General Manager of WGHR (2001-2002)
Webmaster for Residence Life
Student representative on the SPSU Technology Fee Review Team
(We review proposals for spending the tech fee that's included in every student's tuition costs)

Memorable Influences

Almost every Nintendo game (8-bit goodness)
All major titles of SNES, mainly the Zelda titles (Likewise for the N64, only the OoT was of interest)
On Gamecube: Metroid Prime (1&2), Zelda (Wind Waker), Soul Caliber 2, and Super Smash Bros

Captain N: The Game Master
Darkwing Duck
Duck Tales
Fraggle Rock
GI Joe
The Simpsons
Super Mario Bros. Super Show
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tranzor Z
The USA Cartoon Express

Daytime TV Shows:
Captain Kangaroo
Knight Rider
In Living Color
Mr. Wizard
Muppet Show
Today's Special
You Can't Do That on Television

Last Star Fighter
Manhattan Project
Short Circuit (1 and 2)
Superman (All)
War Games

Other (Current) Interests/Influences

Cowboy Bebop
Dragonball Z
Ghost in the Shell
Neon Genesis: Evangelion
Tenchi Muyo

Alternative 90's
New Wave 80's
Techno (mostly Acid Jazz)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Family Guy
Stargate SG-1

Atari 2600 (Learned Basic)
Apple ][e (Recently aquired, but still memorable ^_^)
33MHz 486 (1st Computer - my family's - Windows 3.1, Windows 95)
66MHz 486 (2st Computer - all mine - Linux)
200MHz Pentium MMX (My first computer in college)
500MHz K6-2 3D (My TV capture system, then my sister's, now my HTPC)
650MHz Athlon (My Linux file server)
1.2GHz Athlon (My current workstation)
366GHz Duron (Toshiba laptop)