HDD Clocks


As one of my other pet projects, I've taken up building clocks from old harddrives. Between work, home, and friends, I've collected quite a bit of parts. The best clocks I've made so far have been from the really old 5" drives (the ones that weigh like 10 pounds), which are best for desks. The smaller 3.5" drives can usually be built into wall clocks. The clock parts can be purchased for about $6 each at JoAnn's craft shops.

Taking it Apart

Before I begin, I have to dismantle the old drives. Generally this is easy, given the right tools (lots and lots of different sized "star" shaped drivers). Anyway, you have to take the cover off, then the platters, and if possible the spindle. If the bottom plate is open wide enough after removing the spindle, you can attach the clock parts to the plate with some of the existing screws.

The Finished Product

The above photos are some examples of both the 5" and 3.5" drive clocks. I tried to get some clear photos, but on some I may have had a bad background chosen.