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Ah yes, more photos.

photos This time I've got Christmas pics from Rockefeller Plaza and streets of NY, complete with big-ass tree and crowds of shoppers on the streets. Oh, and a lot of tourists trying to see the tree.

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What a BITCH (Software Upgrade)!

site Ok, I just took the plunge and changed the site over to Apache2 and PHP5. Betcha didn't even notice! Arg. Apparently I also had to upgrade MySQL to the 4.1 series to get PHP5 to properly compile in support (since the native mysql library is no longer included). Anyway, down to business. I plan to start a complete rewrite of this site--all of the underlying code is going to change, and I'm going to start using some of the new DOM and XML features in PHP5 to do it. I plan to keep the database as compatible as possible with older versions of the code, but I've had enough of working around my stupid, broken functions--I'm going to switch to classes for everything if possible. This should take the better half of next year...

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Yay! More photos!

photos I've got over 500 pics from our vacation to Charleston, SC. It's not that the vacation was all that exciting or memorable, but there is just SO much to see since it's a very old city. There's pics ranging from SC beaches, to ornate graveyards. We covered the majority of the Downtown Historic District and Battery, Fort Sumter, the SC Aquarium, and Morris Island lighthouse as seen from Folly Beach.

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Big News....FORUM!!!

site I'm proud to introduce the newest addition to the site, a BRAND NEW FORUM! Utilizing the popular PHPBB system, I've replaced the old Phorum with something that's much more robust (no offense to those creating Phorum). Also, since I had already put forth a lot of effort to get this site integrated with that BB system already, it was only logical that I should put in something a bit more code-friendly. For those of you wanting to get started right away, just click on a link within the Local Forums box to your right (or the link above). You can log with the SAME username and password as you do for this site!

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Two Posts for the Price of One!

photos First, the biggest news so far: we have a puppy. We got her about 2 weeks ago, and we've been busy with getting her used to her new home and everything. God we're so tired. Her name is Sadie, and she's a 16 week old Corgi mix (with what we don't know). I have pictures of just her, as well as some pics of her meeting the other family dogs. And also somewhat "new dog" related was her first car trip up to N. GA. She came along with Amy and I in my Xterra for a club offroading trip. I have pics of the car covered in mud, as well as our little pup passed out in the back seat (which she did most of the trip).

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