Terbidium http://terbidium.com An element of creativity. en-us 2024 Sat Jun 15, 2024 webmaster@terbidium.com Nevermind, i'm Not Here http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=301 It should be mostly obvious at this point that I no longer keep this site up to date. And contrary to the last post, I don't update LiveJournal and it has been years since I posted photos here. Times have obviously changed, especially since my daughter was born. I'm on Facebook, of course, and I post photos to either Flickr or my primary photography blog (http://photography.dustingrau.com). Sadly, this site may be decommissioned at some point, though I'm not decided on when. 2013-04-08 I'm Still Here http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=300 Don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere, I just don't post much on this site. My latest ramblings are on my LiveJournal, and my photo albums are constantly being updated. You can subscribe to a feed of the most recently updated albums by clicking on the RSS icon in your browser (when you view the main Photos page). 2007-10-01 USB Wii Sensor Bar http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=299 I'm not sure if this technically falls under Gaming or Hardware, but I've finished my first Wii-related hack: a USB powered sensor bar that can be used with any software that makes use of the IR functionality of the Wiimote. 2006-12-21 New Website! http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=298 Well...not right now, but soon. I just signed up for some REAL web hosting, so I will be migrating my site over to the new location as soon as possible. I have some vacation coming up, and a lot of pictures to move, so this may take a while. But once I get it done, I definitely hope it will be much faster. [UPDATE] Ok, if you have not already noticed by the change in URL and site name, you are now looking at the new site. Any links previously made to idleprocess.dyndns.org will now be automatically redirected to the new URL (terbidium.com). 2006-10-16 Monthly Update http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=297 I know, I never seem to update this site. But I assure you there's new stuff out there, as always it's new pics. Last month Amy and I went to Chattanooga to see the new addition to the aquarium, as well as visit a railroad museum. And just recently I went to DragonCon for the first time, so there's plenty of pics from the parade and panel discussions there. As always these are in the photos section under the appropriate category, or you can list by date to see the most recent additions. 2006-09-16 New Photos http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=296 Latest photos for the month include: the Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at Smith's Olde Bar, a short hiking trip to Sope Creek to see the paper mill ruins, the last games of the Gwinnett Gladiators' 2005-06 season, the lasershow at Stone Mountain park. For last month, the pics include a return trip to the Georgia Aquarium, our house in Spring, Amy's pics of St. Augustine, and a few recent shots of the SPSU campus. 2006-04-10 The BIG Upgrade http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=295 At long last, with my desktop upgraded to an Athlon64 system, I was able to transfer the old parts to this server. That means a 2x increase in speed and memory, plus a brand new power supply. For visitors that means faster generation of thumbnail images in the photo gallery, and hopefully faster searches and performance all around. Enjoy your visit! 2006-02-20 Welcome 2006: New Terbidium Version! http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=294 For those interested, there is a new version of this site's code, Terbidium, available in the Projects section under Open Source. This marks the start of a version 8.x tree, and many bug fixes. Some of the new features include a redesigned photo system (cleaned up a LOT of logic), and a new ballot system for elections and surveys. The latter feature is very new, and considered somewhat beta--please report any problems and I will fix them ASAP. 2006-01-01 New Atlanta Photos http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=293 Just posted: pics of the new Georgia Aquarium, and some winter-ish pics of Centennial Olympic Park. Amy and I have season passes, so if anyone is interested in joining us sometime, just IM us. Eventually I will be posting more pics, once we have time to look at all the exhibits with less of a crowd at the aquarium. 2006-01-01 Eh, Stuff http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=292 Sorry, been busy lately. I shed some useless crap that was taking up a big chunk of my time, so now I have more time to devote to the site. I just now realized that the forum was totally fucked up (or at least 1 of the themes was corrupt). I've upgraded the forum, and I'm sticking with the default theme for the moment. I also put up a new theme for the main website (in case you didn't notice, since it's the new default). I'm still working on it, as there's some stuff I'm not happy with. I'm also trying to get some bugs fixed, and add some new features. I should be ready to start rolling out some beta tests soon, mostly without much fanfare. I should have a full release ready by the new year if all goes well. 2005-12-06 New Toy :) http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=291 Just got a new photography toy, just in time for vacation next week. I cashed in some reward points, and got a Nikon D50! I'm still trying to learn all the controls, and it's certainly different than the point & shoots I've used in the past. So far the pictures have come out great, even at less than maximum size or quality. 2005-10-05 More Hardware Problems http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=290 Ok, so on top of the only available UPS burning out before we moved, the server threw up another RAID drive. I swear, this time I just replaced the rounded cables with fully-compatible ATA-133 cables, and replaced the "faulty" drive with a brand new one. A full scan on another system shows that the old drive is in perfect health, but the server just won't use it. Whatever. Another thing that was desperatly needed was an upgrade on the OS. Now I'm running Fedora Core 4 on this sucker, and I hope to have some new goodies rolled out as I learn how to use the new software packages. But after a month of waiting, I got the batteries replaced in that UPS, which just leaves configuring the new server install. Fun. 2005-09-06 No News Doesn't Mean No News http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=289 Sorry it's been so quiet lately. We've been totally involved with the house since we bought it. Projects have been going full-bore for the past few weeks, and now that we've moved, we still have projects to complete. We've just about got the downstairs unpacked, and the upstairs is the current dumping ground for everything still packed. There's some new pictures of our house in the photos section, if you care to take a look. 2005-08-23 New House http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=286 We've found a house! We've chosen the house, locked the loan, and had our inspection already. We don't close until next month, but then we'll have about 2 months to decorate and move. Don't worry, we'll definitely have a party when we get the critical stuff (like a new fridge), and places for people to sit. 2005-06-11 Firewall Upgrade http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=285 Heh, got an old computer from my uncle, which just happened to have a faster Pentium II, and some compatible RAM for my firewall box. I slapped that in there the other week, and this thing has been running even better. If anyone is interested in building a home-brew firewall, I highly suggest Smoothwall--this software rocks. And the mods created by other users are totally worth the effort to install. 2005-06-11 Photos from House Hunting http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=284 In the past 2 months that we've been searching for a house, we've managed to pick some real doozies. I've got pics from all the house hunting, including pics of the house we actually plan to get. More on that in a while... 2005-06-11 New Site!!! http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=283 At long last, I have a new site! Yes, it looks the same. Yes, it pretty much works the same. But this really is ALL NEW. This is the new version of my code, created using OOP constructs, and a lot more fault-tolerant. There are some new features, such as the photo album system, and even more changes planned. This is just the framework, and it may have some bugs (consider this a highly-stable alpha release). Hopefully I have not lost any user accounts during the database conversion, but I do have backups. If you're certain that your account was deleted, try registering again, or contact me and I'll check if I have a record I can restore. 2005-03-31 Lots 'o Stuff http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=282 I'm desperately trying to get something completed as far as a new look for the site, but mostly I'm just redoing the code for the entire site. I've got 90% of the user-visible screens completed, and I'm working on the photo gallery system now. This is going to be a sweet release--Linux AND Win32 support! OOP implementation of everything (no more individual functions floating around), and a really simplified template system on the backend (instead of HTML on each page). If you are interested in beta testing the new code, please email me. I plan to work on the site when I can while at the Melville office in NY, and maybe I can get a few more major features converted. 2005-01-28 Ah yes, more photos. http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=281 This time I've got Christmas pics from <a href="/content/archives/photos/album.php?category=New+York%2F&album=Rockefeller+Plaza%2C+NYC+Xmas%2F">Rockefeller Plaza and streets of NY</a>, complete with big-ass tree and crowds of shoppers on the streets. Oh, and a lot of tourists trying to see the tree. 2004-12-17 What a BITCH (Software Upgrade)! http://terbidium.com/thread.php?id=279 Ok, I just took the plunge and changed the site over to Apache2 and PHP5. Betcha didn't even notice! Arg. Apparently I also had to upgrade MySQL to the 4.1 series to get PHP5 to properly compile in support (since the native mysql library is no longer included). Anyway, down to business. I plan to start a complete rewrite of this site--all of the underlying code is going to change, and I'm going to start using some of the new DOM and XML features in PHP5 to do it. I plan to keep the database as compatible as possible with older versions of the code, but I've had enough of working around my stupid, broken functions--I'm going to switch to classes for everything if possible. This should take the better half of next year... 2004-12-02