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WGHR - It Take a Lickin', But Keeps on Tickin'

music At about 3:45 today, WGHR was taken off the air, due to pressure from a new station, WHMA 100.5 FM. After a "cease and desist" letter was sent to the station (and somehow misplaced), student activities director Barry Birckhead had no choice but to take the station off the air. However, with the help of former station engineer John Licata and the support of SGA member Mark Campbell, we were soon back on the air using our old frequency of 102.5 FM. We are currently working on changing our license and frequency, and hopefully boosting our signal. With this current setback, we understand that now is the time for us to protect the future of WGHR Marietta.

One of the several factors that contributed to our getting squashed by a big station was our FCC licensing. We are one of the few remaining Class D noncommercial educational stations. That means that we are a "secondary" station, and subject to interference caused by Class A stations or higher. The next big factor is that commercial stations are authorized to use frequencies 92.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz. Given that we were 100.7 MHz (and currently 102.5 MHz), it's obvious that we are prime candidates for being "pushed" by anyone with the ability.

We are currently exploring several options. Some of which include changing our license to a Class A, thus protecting us from other Class A interference; changing to a new frequency (maybe 87.9 FM); moving our antenna to the Kennesaw mountain area (for better range); and more internet streaming (higher bitrates). Below is the letter that was sent to the station by Susquehanna Radio Corp, parent company of WHMA (Q100) 100.5 FM College Park and WNNX (99X) 99.7 FM Atlanta.

To Whom It May Concern:
The purpose of this letter is to inform you that WHMA-FM, Channel 263C3, (100.5 mHz) College Park, Georgia in accordance with its Construction Permit (BPH-20000714AAV) is to commence operation on or about January 18, 2001.
WGHR Channel 264D, Marietta, GA, will be required to terminate its transmissions on 100.7 mHz as of January 18, 2001 in as much as it is located within the predicted service contour of WHMA-FM.

We would appreciate any help or advice that could be offered from anyone with legal, FCC, surveying, local topography (Cobb County), or radio engineering knowledge. Please contact someone at WGHR (or dgrau@spsu.edu). We need all the help we can get from students, faculty, and alumni of SPSU.

Additional Info:
WGHR's FCC License Info [url] FCC License Info [url]

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