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Important Network Info! (Downtime Tonight)

network SPSU will lose internet connection this evening during maintenence to our T1's by Peachnet. This will take place between 11pm tonight and 7am tomorrow morning. Read below to see the email from Ron Skopitz. Trust me, we need this update...

Why do we need the update? Because when SPSU just had 3 T1's, they were in a trunk configuration to allow us to use the full bandwidth of all 3 at once. When they got the 2 new T1's, the Cisco router couldn't handle a trunk larger than 4 T1's. So it started acting funny--that's when we had the major "blackouts" over a few weeks last semester. What IT did was set up the T1's so that each connection had access to it's own T1--this worked, however this was not efficient and made the internet connection SLOWER than it was with just 3 T1's. What Peachnet is supposed to be doing is giving us some hardware and software that will allow all 5 T1's to work together again, instead of individually.

Oh, and here's Ron's email to the campus:


We have received notification that the PeachNet folks will be performing network upgrades tonight (02/21/2001) that may affect SPSU's Internet access capability. The maintenance window is scheduled from 11:00pm until 7:00am, but they don't anticipate needing nearly that long.

During the maintenance, there will be no Internet connectivity to or from SPSU. We have been told hat these upgrades should significantly enhance the speed and reliability our our Internet connectivity.


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