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File Shares

network Welcome back everyone! As a special treat, I have finished creating all the new methods of file access on my server. I think this will be extremely useful for everyone, as well as simple. Click the link below to get more detailed info on how to get the goods.

Here's all the info you need to get my files.

Apps, Audio, and Videos:
There is a network share for each of these directories. Feel free to browse or download anything here. Please don't stream entire video files unless you are simply previewing them. FTP access is also available, but there is a 5 user limit for all anonymous connections.

You can access the files either by FTP (5 user limit), via my local OpenNap server (get Napigator and Napster from the 'Useful Files' link on the news page), or you can get an account and download tracks from the 'MP3 Search' section (located in the 'Services' section).
To use Napigator, just select 'Manual Connection' from the menu and enter the IP of my server (leave port set to 8888). Once you connect, you can search and download from my server just like any other Napster server.
If you don't like the 5 user limit on FTP, I encourage you to use the MP3 Listing to search and download without limits. All I ask/require is that you get a local account so that I can keep track of the people using this particular service. If it's used enough, I might just open up a network share ^_^

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 RE: File Shares

  Don't forget about the local UT and Q3 servers! Both are running CTF with bots, but as humans join, the bots are kicked.

 RE: File Shares

  Do you not have the second Refreshments cd on mp3? I thought I gave it to you?