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SPSU's New Internet Connection

network Now that the switch has been made, and the note about PeachNet upgrading our internet connection has sparked interest, I'll fill everyone in on the latest news. SPSU now has an OC3 connection [url] to GaTech. This connection is shared between us and Kennesaw State, and is provided by PeachNet (bandwidth) and Marietta FiberNet (hardware). Although there is a top speed of 155Mpbs [url] we only get 10Mpbs of that for the entire campus [url] . That's almost 3Mpbs more than what we had before with our 5 T1's. Please read more for info about the priority-based traffic system.

"Yes, we are officially up on a fiber-based OC-3 circuit. Right now we have 12 Mb/s connectivity, but this may go up/down -- PeachNet's decision. We have already maxed the connection, so we will be implementing traffic prioritization very soon. The main campus will have highest priority, but students will always have a base minimum to work with (probably around 2 - 3 Mb/sec)." --Ron This new connection has been a long-awaited thing, with talks going back several years about a dedicated connection directly to PeachNet (instead of access via BellSouth), see [url] & [url] . (By the way, the usage box on the left side of this site's homepage has been updated to reflect the new connection.)

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