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Fright Night at SPSU

college Halloween is almost here, and so is Fright Night. This event will take place on Thursday Oct. 26th, between 6 and 10pm. For those of you who are new, this is when residents of Howell will be decorating the halls to turn the dorm into a giant haunted house (Norton is not decorated). Unlike previous years, CAB (instead of housing) will be helping to sponsor this event by having a food and activities outside between the dorms. So, if you live in Howell, start talking with your neighbors and come up with some ideas. Update Local SPSU band Munkigrip will be the live music for that night--look for them at the ampitheater. Update Only west and middle halls of Howell will be decorated. East halls are to help the rest of their hall decorate. The winning hall (entire hall) will be given t-shirts...as well as bragging rights for the next year. There is an estimated group of 300+ kids, parents, faculty and staff to be touring the halls from 8-10pm that evening. This is a really fun activity, so I urge you to get involved. Also, if you have any good ideas, feel free to post a comment below.

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 RE: Fright Night at SPSU

  Are there any prizes for the Halloween party? P.S. I love this site!

 RE: Fright Night at SPSU

  Yes, as a matter of fact, the winning hall gets $100 to spend as a group, but every resident of that hall will get a Fright Night at SPSU T-Shirt. It's kinda hokey, but it's still fun.

 RE: Fright Night at SPSU

  It's true that Munkigrip will be playing and it's going to freakin' rock!!! However, CAB is making them censor their lyrics so that's going to kinda suck. Just thought I'd post my 2 cents.