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Site Update

site Yup, in case you didn't notice, I updated again. There's a link in the upper left corner of this page so you can switch between local and external news. On the search page, I added a method for repeatedly searching items and sections. Internally, I'm now running kernel 2.2.18 with a network stealth patch, so if you try to ping my machine you won't see anything, but I'm still here. I also reset the forums due to a few screw ups during the middle of the semester that seemed to have corrupted the Phorum database. I'm thinking about making a day-planner type app for this site, mainly since I don't have a PDA to keep up with my appointments, and I hate writing down stuff, since I always misplace the notes I write. If you're interested in using a program like that, please let me know and tell me some features you'd like to see in it. Update. I've added a new subsection to the site. It's called SPSU Info and it's in the Features section. There's a map of Marietta and a listing of places to visit if you're bored (or new to SPSU and just need to find a Wal-Mart).

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