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"What is the purpose of this site?"
I designed this site after staring at the crappy static pages I formerly hosted at college. Also, I wanted to learn a new scripting language (PHP), since I had already learned ASP at work. I wanted to make a site that would be useful to everyone else on the campus network, as well as being a personal site. So what you see is the final product of 3 solid months' work over the summer of 2000, and continuing work up to the present. While I modeled the site after Slashdot and several other popular sites, I tried to make it as unique as possible. I also wanted to prove that it is possible to make a site that not only runs on linux but does all kinds of cool stuff, but also conforms to all major web standards. You can use any browser on any platform to view the site. While you can also use any resolution, it's recommended that you use 800x600 or higher, with high color. I'm continually improving this site, so it's only going to get better from here!

"Why not use a prepackaged structure?"
I looked at PHP-Nuke, along with several other 'canned' sites, and I just thought it would be more fun to do this on my own. If you've used Slashdot or PHP-Nuke, then you may see some familiar trends and features--I think it makes things a bit more familiar. Besides, I'm a CS major, I like to program, and this is my creative outlet and time-killer when there's nothing else to do. Also, when the code reaches a more mature level, I'd like to return something to the open source community by releasing this code. I'm sure it'll never be as good as what's out there already (or in the future), but I still hope that someone will find it useful.

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About Terbidium:
Terbidium is the name of the underlying codebase that drives this site. Nearly all site content can be separated from the core operating code. Core code is more specifically the function libraries, user accounting systems, etc. Terbidium can be separated further from the actual 'news portal' portion of the site and reused for other purposes.
For an example of other uses of the code, and actual sites using this technology, see the portfolio below: (click the text to visit the site, or click the picture for a larger view)



About Terbidium:
Terbidium is the generic name of the entire software package, including all news and content maintenance systems.

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Pages reside on a Red Hat Linux server running Apache, PHP4, and MySQL. The languages used include: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and PHP. Other programs used include: Webalizer, phpSysInfo, and phpMyAdmin. Best of all, everything used here is 100% legal and FREE! Follow the links below to download the software for yourself. Or, look here for local copies of the files.

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