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Nevermind, i'm Not Here

local It should be mostly obvious at this point that I no longer keep this site up to date. And contrary to the last post, I don't update LiveJournal and it has been years since I posted photos here. Times have obviously changed, especially since my daughter was born. I'm on Facebook, of course, and I post photos to either Flickr or my primary photography blog [url] Sadly, this site may be decommissioned at some point, though I'm not decided on when.

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I'm Still Here

local Don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere, I just don't post much on this site. My latest ramblings are on my LiveJournal, and my photo albums are constantly being updated. You can subscribe to a feed of the most recently updated albums by clicking on the RSS icon in your browser (when you view the main Photos page).

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USB Wii Sensor Bar

hardware I'm not sure if this technically falls under Gaming or Hardware, but I've finished my first Wii-related hack: a USB powered sensor bar that can be used with any software that makes use of the IR functionality of the Wiimote.

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New Website!

local Well...not right now, but soon. I just signed up for some REAL web hosting, so I will be migrating my site over to the new location as soon as possible. I have some vacation coming up, and a lot of pictures to move, so this may take a while. But once I get it done, I definitely hope it will be much faster. [UPDATE] Ok, if you have not already noticed by the change in URL and site name, you are now looking at the new site. Any links previously made to will now be automatically redirected to the new URL (

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Monthly Update

photos I know, I never seem to update this site. But I assure you there's new stuff out there, as always it's new pics. Last month Amy and I went to Chattanooga to see the new addition to the aquarium, as well as visit a railroad museum. And just recently I went to DragonCon for the first time, so there's plenty of pics from the parade and panel discussions there. As always these are in the photos section under the appropriate category, or you can list by date to see the most recent additions.

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