See the Fish (2 Green Tiger Barbs):
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The Tank (An Old 14" CTX Monitor):
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Building Instructions

*You may want to consult some other websites to find out what problems you may encounter, as I may not have remembered everything here.
  1. Gut that old monitor and file down all raised edges inside the case...don't worry about the bezel where the CRT tube was.
  2. Carefully measure all inside areas and map the cutting pattern on the plexyglass.
  3. Cut a few pieces of glass (L&R sides and bottom) and check for fit.
  4. Now you can cut the back and front pieces and begin planning for the placement of your light fixture.
  5. Use the epoxy to get the pieces setup for fitting. (You may want to double check your measurements by placing the pieces inside the monitor)
  6. After curing (24 hrs) apply acrylic cement to inside and outside edges to ensure a watertite fit. Now you can place the plexyglass tank inside the monitor casing and apply the aquarium sealant to the inside corners of the tank. You can add the light fixture now.
  7. Wait 2 days before filling with water. In this time, you can soak your gravel or boil it to remove some of the dye used to color it (if you bought from a pet store.)
  8. Fill the tank with water (in your bathtub or outside) and let sit overnight.
  9. If there were no leaks, then drain it, place it where you want it, and begin filling it with the gravel, plants, filter, heater, and any other accessories.
  10. Fill with water, check your pH, add your de-chlorinator and aquarium water-treatments, and let cycle for at least 7 days w/ the heater and filter going. Once the water is stable, you can add your fish.