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The BIG Upgrade

hardware At long last, with my desktop upgraded to an Athlon64 system, I was able to transfer the old parts to this server. That means a 2x increase in speed and memory, plus a brand new power supply. For visitors that means faster generation of thumbnail images in the photo gallery, and hopefully faster searches and performance all around. Enjoy your visit!

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Welcome 2006: New Terbidium Version!

site For those interested, there is a new version of this site's code, Terbidium, available in the Projects section under Open Source. This marks the start of a version 8.x tree, and many bug fixes. Some of the new features include a redesigned photo system (cleaned up a LOT of logic), and a new ballot system for elections and surveys. The latter feature is very new, and considered somewhat beta--please report any problems and I will fix them ASAP.

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New Atlanta Photos

photos Just posted: pics of the new Georgia Aquarium, and some winter-ish pics of Centennial Olympic Park. Amy and I have season passes, so if anyone is interested in joining us sometime, just IM us. Eventually I will be posting more pics, once we have time to look at all the exhibits with less of a crowd at the aquarium.

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Eh, Stuff

site Sorry, been busy lately. I shed some useless crap that was taking up a big chunk of my time, so now I have more time to devote to the site. I just now realized that the forum was totally fucked up (or at least 1 of the themes was corrupt). I've upgraded the forum, and I'm sticking with the default theme for the moment. I also put up a new theme for the main website (in case you didn't notice, since it's the new default). I'm still working on it, as there's some stuff I'm not happy with. I'm also trying to get some bugs fixed, and add some new features. I should be ready to start rolling out some beta tests soon, mostly without much fanfare. I should have a full release ready by the new year if all goes well.

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New Toy :)

photos Just got a new photography toy, just in time for vacation next week. I cashed in some reward points, and got a Nikon D50! I'm still trying to learn all the controls, and it's certainly different than the point & shoots I've used in the past. So far the pictures have come out great, even at less than maximum size or quality.

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