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No News Doesn't Mean No News

local Sorry it's been so quiet lately. We've been totally involved with the house since we bought it. Projects have been going full-bore for the past few weeks, and now that we've moved, we still have projects to complete. We've just about got the downstairs unpacked, and the upstairs is the current dumping ground for everything still packed. There's some new pictures of our house in the photos section, if you care to take a look.

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New House

local We've found a house! We've chosen the house, locked the loan, and had our inspection already. We don't close until next month, but then we'll have about 2 months to decorate and move. Don't worry, we'll definitely have a party when we get the critical stuff (like a new fridge), and places for people to sit.

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Firewall Upgrade

hardware Heh, got an old computer from my uncle, which just happened to have a faster Pentium II, and some compatible RAM for my firewall box. I slapped that in there the other week, and this thing has been running even better. If anyone is interested in building a home-brew firewall, I highly suggest Smoothwall--this software rocks. And the mods created by other users are totally worth the effort to install.

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Photos from House Hunting

photos In the past 2 months that we've been searching for a house, we've managed to pick some real doozies. I've got pics from all the house hunting, including pics of the house we actually plan to get. More on that in a while...

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New Site!!!

site At long last, I have a new site! Yes, it looks the same. Yes, it pretty much works the same. But this really is ALL NEW. This is the new version of my code, created using OOP constructs, and a lot more fault-tolerant. There are some new features, such as the photo album system, and even more changes planned. This is just the framework, and it may have some bugs (consider this a highly-stable alpha release). Hopefully I have not lost any user accounts during the database conversion, but I do have backups. If you're certain that your account was deleted, try registering again, or contact me and I'll check if I have a record I can restore.

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