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Big News....FORUM!!!

site I'm proud to introduce the newest addition to the site, a BRAND NEW FORUM! Utilizing the popular PHPBB system, I've replaced the old Phorum with something that's much more robust (no offense to those creating Phorum). Also, since I had already put forth a lot of effort to get this site integrated with that BB system already, it was only logical that I should put in something a bit more code-friendly. For those of you wanting to get started right away, just click on a link within the Local Forums box to your right (or the link above). You can log with the SAME username and password as you do for this site!

A note about accounts: Anyone is free to join the forum. In fact, most features of the board can only be accessed by creating an account and logging in. If you already have an account on this site, then you also have an account on the BBoard. If you update your account on this site (email or password), then it will be automatically updated on the BBoard as well. Just remember that if you happen to want to change either of those values in the future--every other setting within the BBoard is specific to just that application. If you want to create a new account on the forum, you'll notice that you are just redirected back to this site's account creation page--I'd prefer if each person really only have 1 account, but if you must, you must. And lastly, for the time being if you want to log into the forum, you must do so separately from this site (I'm still working on a solution for that).

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