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Yay! More photos!

photos I've got over 500 pics from our vacation to Charleston, SC. It's not that the vacation was all that exciting or memorable, but there is just SO much to see since it's a very old city. There's pics ranging from SC beaches, to ornate graveyards. We covered the majority of the Downtown Historic District and Battery, Fort Sumter, the SC Aquarium, and Morris Island lighthouse as seen from Folly Beach.

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 RE: Yay! More photos!

  If you like Charleston, you'd love Savannah.... Forsyth Park, the homes, it's all awesome.

I guess it's the history involved :)

Did you visit the Slave Market in Charleston?

 RE: Yay! More photos!

  No, didn't do much of the plantation stuff, just historic district. And actually I've been to Savannah, but my wife hasn't. It's nice as well, but she heard that Charleston was the better choice for sightseeing. Savannah has River Street, and as far as I'm concerned, that's about it.

 RE: Yay! More photos!

  Women tend to like Rainbow Row in Charleston....

Now, for someone like you, I hope you went to see the Yorktown.

 RE: Yay! More photos!

  Never had time. I wanted to, though.2