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Downtime and Upgrade

hardware Yes, after months of putting up with a crappy harddrive, I've finally replaced it with a new 20gigger. Now maybe I can have an uptime of more than 20 days without a DMA failure error. This concludes the downtime portion of the server, thanks for bearing with me on this. Also, I've upgraded the kernel to 2.2.17 with the latest ReiserFS patch, and I also added hardware sensor support (Now you can see the CPU temp, core voltages, and fan speeds). If you don't know where to look for this info, go to the About This Site link on your right (in the Site Features box). There you can view all info about the server, as well as stats for the FTP and Web site hosted from this server.

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 RE: Downtime and Upgrade

  Where can i see these things?

 RE: Downtime and Upgrade

  I am not a dumbass he had not added the other part about where to find when i had made that post. Just to let you all know!